Northern Michigan Ministers

YOUR WEDDING DAY! You both have dreamed and planned for this day for quite a long time. Soon, you will pledge your enduring love for one another with words of commitment spoken before select witnesses. You want this sacred moment between the two of you to live in your hearts for the rest of your lives. You want concern about the competency of your officiant to be the last thing on your minds. You want him or her to truly know you and understand what is important to you.

That’s why you can confidently turn to Rev. Judy or Rev. Ken Grimes. Both of us are seminary ordained ministers – Judy by Unity School of Christianity and Ken by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. Judy was ordained in 1984 and served congregations in Washington State, California, Hawaii, and Traverse City, MI. In his forty years of ministry, Ken served congregations in Kentucky, Indiana, and Missouri. We have collectively officiated over 6,000 ceremonies. In our thirty years of marriage we’ve learned many relationship skills including agreeing to disagree over the areas in which we differ. We’d be happy to share a few of these with you when we meet to plan your ceremony.